mr.bunnyrabbit don't take your libary for grainted 031201
Staind_And_Souless In my head, of us.
Text message like 'Morning baby. It's cold outside, can we stay here in bed?'
E-Mails about us, about you, our things.
Chat_logs Of us, our first moments. And our last moments.
Kisses, cuddles.
Stories we wrote to each other. our_stories. They meant everything to me.
My own personal Libary
BitterSweetDream Library.
No-one can spell.
Memories burn. A long time ago, I blocked mine out. And now I cant get them back.
addicted_to_anime whoa u people are deep wow the only library i go to are a school library and the local one i cant think of a personal liibrary of stuff and all i can say is... wow so whatever have fun with ur freaky lives and ur libraries... 041109
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