jennifer I have often wondered, as I have seen a couple, where one of the partners falters in beauty, if that one that is less physically attractive wonders to him/herself why the other is with them.

I know I do
heel turn (the beast) to choose the lesser of two evils is a cop-out.

to forgo the altruistic in favor of satisfying the ego is the truer virtue

waving a vehement middle finger at the world from beneath the veil of shadows

why shouldn't I just give in to the animal nature

fuck the big picture.
there is only here and now.

Futuo ergo sum
i am forever shelly lesser is poor to rich.
lesser is stupid to smart.
lesser is hate to love.
lesser is me next to you.
lesser is you next to God.
lesser is everything next to God.
God says there is no lesser.
Mercury She is younger in years
but so much more in everything else.
Except responsibility
(that lies, still, with me)
The shadow she throws is large
and I can't escape it
I should be miles ahead
but I've always lagged behind her
In love and looks
what's it to you?
who go