puredream Today you told me that you had left home. You lived only with your mom so she was the root of the problem. I guess you understand me then. You told me leaving home was a good idea. You suggested moving in with you. I entertained the idea. I dreamed of a day, waking up and not being invisible in a house filled with people. But instead existing in a house of my own. I entertained the idea that maybe one day soon, I can breathe. I wonder if they realise how much they're suffering me? 040614
puredream suffocating 040614
JdAwG No matter how much you think they're hurting you, they truly do love you. You are not invisible in their eyes. In her eyes. You are a daughter. A precious gift to them. They would give anything for you, no matter what you have done to them, or what they have done to you. You are truly loved. 040614
bethany there's no such thing as going back home 060503
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