jennifer so... 2000 was a very interesting year... I don't know how to gauge it, as I'm already planning for 2003 and beyond... my life moves too fast to understand it all... I thought I found something, and by the time I realized it, it was gone... that's ok... that's life... I might be moving out in 3 months... that's a shock... and I'll be making more money that way, then by living at home... I don't understand it all... karma is smiling on me, I think... I don't really know... 001231
unhinged i've been reading a lot about karma lately...they are the events that shape our existence. we all live under karmic illusions. i don't understand buddhism very well, but the parts i understand i like. 010102
kx21 a square peg in a round hole... given that cause and effect sequences / relatiohships are recursive , cyclical, non-lineal and to certain extent, unpreditable for natural living systems.

a square peg:-the quality of people's current and future lives

in :- is determined by

a round hole:- their behavior in this and in previous lives
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