once again Happy Bunny says:

you suck big time.
i hate everything.
You suck and that's sad.
cute but psycho.
hey you made me throw up a little.
Hi. Eat me.

On Happy Bunny Mints:
Would you like a mint to suck on? Cause you suck all the time already.

What happy bunny are you?

nom happy_bunny everyhoney 030929
whitechocolatewalrus or...
'hi loser'
that's what mine says.
it's funny when people
who think i am really nice,
like older people,
look at it and then
look at me really funny.
like it's not in me
to be mean.
'i hate everything'
it's true,
only maybe not.
her royal highness the quirk ooh i took the happy bunny quiz. i'm the cute but psycho bunny :-) 040202
bandersnatch woot! i am the kiss my ass happy bunny. [i] don't care about anyone or anything. [i am] so proud 040202
falling_alone i am the "you suck, and that's sad" happy bunny. i'm truthful, but can be a bit brutal. 040215
  i'll be yosemite sam in this play and maintain my disdain for the varmint. 040215
ReBorn oooohh eeeeeee

the rat fink is crying now
can't you see the river of tears flowing

oh screw you
nom happy story 060810
what's it to you?
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