shivers love u sooo much
but ur old, lol
take care
ivyducktwilightseto hope you're having fun 'cause I'm not. Don't know why I'm calling you, all you ever brought me was hell. Maybe I'd still love you if you hadn't made my life shit.
Ruining my friendships, leaving my dad, tearing my family apart, slapping me when I criticized you and never knowing or caring what I felt about all my life. Drinking everyday and nagging every second. You drove me fucking nuts.
Yeah, love you too mom, happy mother fucking birthday.
ivyducktwilightseto but things are different now. and life is much better. money is still a problem, but I love you. And I don't tell you this much at all. And we've made things work between us And I feel bad about the things I've done in the past. So happy birthday mom. I love you. 060501
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