Dafremen REVISED from blather_red

Greet My Life
R. Dafremen

Step outside, a time for change
Sleepy lives in sleepy minds
Opened my eyes today
What a surprise today
Feels like everything is falling

Falling into place
The dream is mine today
No matter what they say
The winds of fate will blow my way

Pull my jacket on and run
My fingers through my hair
Not so much to comb it
Just feels nice to know it's there
Walk outside to greet my life
I'll prolly stumble once or twice
But things are falling

Falling into place
My fear just fell away
No matter what they say
The winds of change are mine to sail away

Falling into place
Life is so much fun
It's Lucky Charms and Lotto all in one
And then to think
The best is yet to come
It's just now falling into place.
Dafremen This song is now online for anyone that isn't too concerned with having children later in life. Consider yourself warned...I'm a writer...not a singer.
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