Quintessensual Pings, when no longer needed, having gone and come back, turn into grains of the universe, with a volume of a sphere the radius of which is a planck length. 991223
Tess i believe in grains...or is it curlicues?

i believe in imploding it all, then boinging it into a curlicue.
tourist It is a strange symbiotic relationship our spieces has with the grasses.We have nurtured their seed and helped it to spread and grow worldwide for millenia, as it has done for us by laying down it's life to redeem ours from the brink of starvation. We uproot forests and hold back rivers to give the grass new footholds in the land. Re-engineering the world and even the grain itself to further this end.
If not for these humble seed where would we be?
I thank you corn and rice and wheat
And oat and barley, rye and millet.
For feeding my fore-bearers and preserving my race.
While at the same time making us your servant, breaking the ground and giving you water. Still in all a good exchange.
what's it to you?
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