Forming Mind smooth silky skin
colliding with another milky white.
swaying arms like fever
moving, adventuring onward
lips soft and delicate pressing
moving, inching deeper.
Something about the way the two look.
Two perfectly shaped skinny whites.
Broad-shouldered intellectual boys
kissing, exploring, and being.
The beauty of the world unfolds.
I crave, wish and desire
the ability, the posession
of my very own
beautiful gay boy.
To kiss. And only thus.
gemaniacal may all that be bless you Forming

I never never never never never never wanna be anything but lesbian

thank all that be for the blessed path laid before me

and the soft sensual passionate beauty of Woman
oneiros in san francisco, sadly, except for the intsitutionalized uber-gay sects, there seems to be only shallow temporary hypersexual opportunitistic shitty fucks; ok, overstated (maybe)... 041217
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