luap A bit of goose 990409
Scorched GanderSnout take a look at the goose
and you'll see
in her eyes a reflection of thee
but don't gawk and don't stare
just a glance over there
will reveal all that clearly should be
PHYLLIS FROM PA those of you who se this site
are the blather gathers and still remains.
yet a justifed unison of realization to gander.
blistfully you all gowk and prey and prowl through the obnoxious .
blather is a formation of the obvious yet permisquious wanderings of thought
pondre that as you may take a gander at this
Glory Box Duck duck goose, but what happens when you're the one that's always left out? Every girl who ever sat on the ground, watching the others run 'round the gathered group, waiting for her turn to be the boy, be the gander, and it never came. She's the repressed lesbian. 001030
jane i hit 'go' & got here
what's it to you?
who go