counterentity people trying to control others without reflecting upon themselves first. you think you know me? well listen to me. go outside of your own protected shell. venture into something new and unexplored.

the least you can do is to pretend to be happy. whatever. shit. only two more months. the only thought thats keeping me sane.
The Spork Tell me what it is first. 030525
Doar for a lark.

poet almost at that point 050803
pete usually followed by "it'll be five minutes"

usually preceded by "guys i forgot to punch in *insert menu item here* and i need it right away"
nomme) and this, and this, and this 050804
grendel instructions 050804
Isaou ...life
Seriously, fuck it.
Every time it seems like things are going well, or at least they're consistently bad, something blows up in my fucking face just to prove the point that it never actually gets better.
Why am I still trying?
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what's it to you?
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