ferociter you stand alone in a way no one else does. you draw me to you because you are only half turned towards me. you are solid and honest, and so loving that i cannot help how i feel. you burn like caught fire, swirling and radiating and never dying. i am in love with you, deeply and irreversibly, but in a way i do not understand. i am patient like never before. i am open without even trying, without thought to why it comes easily. i am fiercely dedicated and yet independent and free. i am inspired and not guilted, loved and not demanded, worshiped yet not deified. i am in a earth-bound heaven of your making. you are a god of my human soul. 090516
In_Bloom "... I'm ready to order now and I'll have whatever they're ^^^ having, thank you" 090516
unhinged i_love_you_most 090516
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