jennifer something about this wonderful thing called blather ensues creativity and love and pseudo-spirituality in others.

just seeing the word underlined, or perhaps the word that isn't underlined, makes you yearn to write and explore more.

it's a wonderful drug and a wonderful release and...

I just want to see how many times I can put the word "wonderful" in here.
ashley what is this? please... explain this underline and link thing?!! 031117
mt click on any underlined word.
starting with this one may help:
oldephebe i was en - sue but it was a tight fit

pubescent prurience..hmmm *runs back to the shrine to The Psychic Donkey and begins another round of flagellation and catchechisms of pennance*
magicforest I pair this word with "regardless". They are ominous, holding promise of consequences. 031118
what's it to you?
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