distorted tendencies Comforting beeping, clean smells.. No emotions. 011226
oren What keeps my heart beating at a healthy pace and rhythm. 011226
frankenfistkitten silicon soul screenprint circuits

surface mount solders
oren It's been almost four years since I posted in this blathe, and I'm glad to say that the electronic gadget implanted in my chest is still working beautifully.

Without modern_technology, I wouldn't even be here.

crayolazeppelin I'm a helicopter. 081021
tourist Shifting potentials,
Fields flipping
From one state to the next.
Holding meaning Encoded.
Life is Change.
Systems Arise without Direct Evolution.
Mediated By a seperate Speicies,
A Biological Midwife.
Flesh-borne Beings,
Mistified by their Own State.
Engineering a Surrogate,
For the Delema of Awareness.
Quantum Entanglment
of Spirit and Matter.
Together We Arise.
amy there was a job i was vaguely qualified for, in Madison, about making a temperature controller for NASA. trouble is, though, I never fooled around with circuit boards and the like as a child, so I wasn't comfortable with that kind of stuff in college and then never got to the point in research where I would have any sort of expertise in the area. they would want somebody better. 081103
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