For sure! I think this has something to do with evil....not really sure. i know it is the main bad guy in these games I play....CALLED DIABLO 1 & 2! 000712
some dumbass the expansion ROCKS!!! 011026
spooky fish Spanish for "Devil"

derived from the greek word "Diabolos" meaning more generically "spirit"
hostile It was the name of club located in downtown Los Angeles. I went every Saturday to lisetn to 80's music. I became a recognized regular. If you were not there by 10:00 p.m. you would not get in. The line was too long, but not for the regulars. Just walk right up to the front and passed the velvet ropes. That was eight years agoe. I honisty needed that place. I loved it. The glorious music, the creepy goth people, the stiff drinks. I was heart broken, and ran to diablo for comfort. I regained my confidence, but never got over the heart break. I guess some things just sting so much that you never forget. I will never forget diablo, or her. 041105
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