Teenage Jesus coming. I'm about to send him the blather URL. I predict we will ALL benefit from his arrival. (BTW-satanX3, Dead is playing 18 with us in Scottsdale.)

I can't wait to see the aftermath/beautiful results of the Dead/Daffy/kx21/and even TT intersection/collision.

pass the popcorn- take that back; gets stuck in my dental work
Dafremen whereīs dead_joe? 020510
Teenage Jesus Ah, he's all day drivin' his cab now. And when he gets home, he's making guitar noise, and plenty of it. I guess he doesn't have time for this sort of thing. It would of been swell though. I'll see if I can pass on some of his writings; well worth the effort in my opinion.

All's well here. Working during the day, and playing with the boys in the evening.

How's things down your way?
Dafremen Doing better. I'll be homeschooling the kids and spending the wife's paycheck for a change. Whatcha think about THAT?! 020927
~gez~ wow someone read my mind! 020928
what's it to you?
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