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gonut what I like is booths and booths and booths. Pods are nice too... I really like plastic pods. And circuit boards... that's really something. Hey... I'm hungry, how about some licorice cable? Is it licorice or cable? Well it's wire with a licorice coating. Why would I want to eat that? Because it's the night time. Yes... the sun has gone down and I'm sitting here waiting for my break. Hmm... "Father... Father!!... I did not know ten hours could be torture"... the mediator between the brain and the hands has always been the heart. Well, I think that one day there will be enough... like a dream... No.. there already is enough. But not enough for some people to have too much. So what do we do? We weigh it a little in our favor... it's better that way. Hmmm... I could sure go for some licorice coated cable right now. 000812
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