TalviFatin My father chews quite loud. It does nothing but piss me off. 011013
Syrope i only have two fingernails left thumbnail & my right ring-finger nail. i chew on the pieces until my teeth hurt, then i examine the remains - tiny white moons with translucent jagged good. my teeth will ache for a while, before i move on the next fingernail...i feel like a little_girl again.

and i miss you
mg mull this one over a while, see how it tastes, see how it feels in your mouth

your mouth
my mouth

mommygalore can you see me chewing on this idea? does it make any sense at all? 030824
Strideo hey! anybody want a starburst fruit_chew?
mommygalore let me chew on this thought for a while 031108
what's it to you?
who go