Tank i am used to making decisions based on my hearts desires and the universe then supporting the moves i make in the direction needed to achieve and maintain these wishes...

however, every move i have made to actualise this wish that is the core of my being, or to remove the drama from that statement, my immediate wish for my locality, is being blocked...

am i being asked to prove how much i want this or am i being told that this choice is not for my highest good..?

i have no idea and i am confused...
ditto who are you asking?
only you can decide what is true to you,
as hard as it is, regreat is the worst possible situation, all you can say is "I wish" I'd done that.
thats advice that I very rarely use myself but when I do it's libarating.
What makes you happy?
marjorie I couldn't fathom why he would want to go to Texas. What pull it had on him, I don't know. Save for ghosts that haunted and friends whose hobbies included back stabbing and stealing. 050301
what's it to you?
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