Deepest Apologies Holy fucking shit. I haven't used this site for 7-8 years...just went back and re-read all my blathes, and I'm mortified. Disgusted. They are truly awful, and I'm sorry to have infected this site with them. I know, in the grand scheme of things, they are meaningless, and account for less than a quarter of a percent of the total content, but I still feel...responsible for a slight degradation of this wonderous spot. If I could remove them I would. I hope you'll forgive me. 100408
ergo You're in luck! Absolutions are now on sale for the amazingly low price of $19.95! Hurry while the forgiveness lasts! 100409
amy nada haha! very funny. you see, we are selling_indulgences here at blather. it is all part of the blather masterplan. you are so forgiven, cha-ching, cha-ching. should you stay or should you go? (in peace)? 100409
meta meta 100409
Father Blatherphile all will be well and truly forgiven if you come and see me in the rectory after mass 100409
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