ClairE Annika was called very wise. Annika does not talk about her feelings. Annika has a boyfriend who doesn't like me. Annika elicited praise from Lynn, someone who compliments you in such a brisk way that it makes you think of cleaning the kitchen.

Annika and I used to be great friends, but I didn't realize it until I looked back years and years. Annika is beautiful. For_real. Annika enjoys sarcasm and doesn't like her parents. She dislikes talking on the phone as well. I think she distrusts talking.

I never know how much she likes me. But when I told her my latest relationship went down the tubes, she replied, "well, he's a stupid ass then. i mean, you have perfect_breasts!!!"

That is why I haven't left her behind. I wish it weren't so difficult to reach out to her.
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