silvermae with her piano
and she seems
to understand
sab letters dropped
and somewhere a typewriter has been smashed

falling out a 10 story window
passing everyone else on the way down

flashes of things
i never wanted to see
things are too open and exposed
exposed, raw to the nerves
cut down to the very bone.

im bleeding here, she says, inbetween her lines
im bleeding here, she says, inbetween her truths
her truths are always twisted by her views
but then
so is everyone elses.

im bleeding here
she wont tell me

i am too tired for this
X S baggage as she sings to me i slowly fall to sleep dreaming about her voice 041206
pete of angels, and midnight fires 071021
Ouroboros and we run through the wet grass
and the leaves keep falling
and it is fall
what's it to you?
who go