dosquatch Take nothing, and leave nothing in its place. Though you walk a land flowing with milk and honey, the air heavy with opportunity, you stride purposefully past it all - oblivious, bereft, empty.

... and alone.
hsg *screams "message!"


amy not much action it'll be a handful of years pretty soon. i wish i could say i was being virtuous, and maybe i have been a little bit, but mostly i was just busy being sick.

i don't know if it's truly a bummer or not. you could argue it either way, which is a little freeing, i have to admit.

some psychic yahoo (read: voice in my head) told me i had a sexy enough mind to take care of it all. that might be right. or it might be wrong.

i guess i do recommend it. for the freedom. but only if you've got the time to experiment or however you want to put that. or time to be free, or virtuous, or sublimated, or whatever.
what's it to you?
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