andru235 the sound of faltering anecdotes about zither-related role-playing-games featuring a bard who recently reached level 163. 051021
andru235 for instance, Anthony and Antonia (confusing, i know, but i didn't pick the names!!!) are chatting about this and that.

Antonia has just made a point about Suetonius. Anthony decides to relate an example of something similar that occured while his two level-40 thieves where chatting with a level-163 bard in a zither related role-playing-game...

...and Antonia, not understanding what the F@!^$CK Anthony was talking about, goes, "Zloooooomb!"

we've all been there.
oren Glad somebody finally said it. 051022
andru235 dear oren~

i see it as one of my jobs here on blather to say the things that everyone is OBVIOUSLY thinking but no one has the courage to say.

take, for instance, the_strange_declaration
andru235 oops. the_strange_proclamation 051023
oren It's good to know that someone is out there who cares.

You've got a long road ahead of you.

There are so many more unspoken_thoughts, even within_my_mind.
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