reue you feel so good 031003
lou_la_belle well really, it's what you didn't say.
what you convienently left out.

i thought you were different,
that you could hold your own against it.
but perhaps i was placing you too high

it used to be me and you,
but now it's just me
and i don't know if i can keep going alone.

you mislead me. you_said you had never,
will never.
but you lied.

i dont know what to think of that.
LS She turned the hand mirror around, though whether she did this by accident or design, noone will ever know. At the exact moment that the picture had been rotated clockwise 190 degrees, she stopped and simply looked with a momentary cognizance the mental equivilent of waving a stick through fog and thinking you see better. He then "OOOOhhh"ed an appreciable "oh" and said," makes more sense if you look at it from the other direction. 060411
what's it to you?
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