ask me if I'm happy, and
I tell them to fuck off,"
Yorke says later in the
bar of his hotel. "If i was
happy, I'd be in a fucking
car advert. A lot of peo-
ple think they're happy, and they live these boring lives and do the same things every day. But one day they wake up and realize that they haven't lived yet. I'd much rather celebrate the highs and lows of everyday life than try to deny them."

-Yorke, Thom
Rolling Stone
September 7, 1995
nemo we looked up to your siloette, aroused by every entrancing word, just the two of us in a crowd of thousands. only for the few seconds that i dared look away i was fortunate enough to see that his lips followed yours, his eyes carefully traced the band in front of him, his body moved effortlessly with every beat - as did mine. thom yorke rocks. thanks for taking my extra ticket billy. 040308
case of space sings my tune 040324
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