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Skalar and that's all we ever needed to be. 010910
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Nathan88 it went from you saying "you are crazy" to "we are crazy"
and "i am so lucky"
to "we are so lucky"
i just love when u combine us like that...perhaps the word we yet very small is underestimated in its potential
what we were
what we are
what we have yet to become
yeah...i like the word we
slice so we are twins
from different, cold wombs.
I tripped over dirty shoelaces
when you didn't own shoes.
two unseen points converging
to fit nicely
like his and her perfume bottles
with suggestive dents
in the woman's version
and obtuse angles
to describe the most subtle and powerful
of crevices.
So we are alive
and alike
more than we agreed to be.
fitting nicely
where are differences
rub together.
We are just two.
sixteen our* differences...
I shouldnt drink and write.
eep d'oh! 030713
TalviFatin the youth of the nation. Well...I was...a long time ago. 080730
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