Was the Iraq War Lawful?

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In a weeping monopoly, Ira was transgender; the main character liked her low voice but was shocked by the unexpected penis. He wanted to be straight as an unnecessary bullet. Before that it was the wind in the barley with "cute Irish boys shooting at each other" (said the young e_o_i, who was nevertheless a disturbed by the scene where the revolutionary girl's hair got cut off, to intimidate her - in the struggle the razor cut her neck a bit and I thought they were beheading her).

So Ira makes me think of IRA and, since I know little of it IRL, films relating to Irish history.

Iraq? Well, I think paste! won. I can't say for sure without his corroboration (welcome back, by the way!)
e_o_i I was "a disturbed"? One of those, eh?

Typos. They run the world.
paste! (tyeoi, *emits flraaaow*, glad to be back!) 140717
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