Quintessensual A wad is any of many different things, that people build up inside or work on intensely and then blow.

After blowing a wad, a person, or group of them, typically experiences a period of deep exhaustion and does nothing for a time.

Like here in blather, a group of us, usually strangers to begin with, goes at it with incredible intensity for a day or two, word after word, hint after hint, follow-up on follow-up, headgames, lots of wordplay, touching each other and filling each other's screens and minds with all sorts of thoughts, oh, wow! WOW! and then ... We've blown our wad.

Exhaustion, blissful exhaustion. It is as if we cannot even roll over to our own corners of the universe. For a few days, we can barely breathe and hardly blathe. Few recent words appear...

To whet our appetites for another round, another wad-making and wad-blowing climax.
kr8 is there such thing as a literary spit-wad? 991102
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