MercynRe i am trapped inside this box... trapped inside my own head, my insecurities, my frustrations, my expectations, my own goals - my idea of what "really" is...

those people lie, when they tell you to think "outside the box" - it simply isn't to be allowed in the real world... in reality they will make sure to squash that inner drive and creativity if you allow them.

i'm glad that blathering lets me hold on to it for a little while.
yummyC oh so foolishly unknowing
as i slide around him
in my serpent splendor
slippery with sadism
and he doesn't even know yet.
blister how can they force you inside the box, then foolishly ask you to think outside of it. forced conformity has never done no good for nobody. 040620
what's it to you?
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