Quintessensual Bill blathed "It's easy, no?" with reference to achieving the three things that allegedly would be all anyone would ever want: wine, love, money.

Surely, though, that must have been a typo. "It's easy - No!" must be what was intended.

Otherwise we'd - or almost all of us - would have the three and be craving for three more. Like maybe good whiskey for our coffee after skiing several miles in sun and silence? Like, God forbid, simple happiness?

If it wasn't a typo... Well, it's true we're encouraged to take off on flights of fancy.

We're only blathing. Kind of like being in a hot tub.
Toxic_Typo What I ShUoLd probably change my name to 020101
her royal highness the quirk i hate it when i blather something and later realize there's a typo in my blathername 040328
TK when I cant spell simple words that I usually can spell without a second thought then its time to go to bed 040827
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