la arriba travelling travelling, how i love to travell, i have travelled so far that i can't remember where i put my paste! 050828
mr song i love the woods anything to do with the woods i will travel their ah yeh. peaceful 070608
kuffsleeve theres no way out of the woods, its too scary.

Blaire b b Blair Blair told me.
mr song blaire's my sister 070611
? but he's a man ? how could he be your sister ? 070611
hsg away_from_here

In_Bloom I imagine you like a free floating gear in that you fall into place.
For awhile.
If a machine breaks down or apart then you are freed to float again, finding another hub to mesh in.
Maybe I'll see you going or coming or even moving along the same direction as me. We might be parallell but aware and so not alone.
Wheels gears go.
what's it to you?
who go