Dafremen Explaining how we're going to build a business to the missus:

"So we just take half of everything we earn and stick it in this box. We do NOT touch this money EVER, then when it gets to a thousand dollars, it starts to pay for our gas, inventory purchases, food at work, stuff like that."

"Ohhhh..I get it. So the box is like a money machine."

"Exactly, which is why it's so important that we not touch that money. It's NOT our money."

"It's not?"

"'s the STORE'S money"

"Yes but it's OUR store."

"It's our store, but not our money."


"Dig, it's like this:
Your dog is your property, but your dog's d*ck is your DOG'S d*ck. While it may be your dog, that most certainly does NOT make it your D*CK and although your dog prolly wouldn't mind you touching it's d*ck, you still SHOULDN'T touch your dog's d*ck because you know better. Besides it would probably change the whole dynamic of the relationship which could lead to some very embarrassing moments in public..but I digress.
So it's your store, but it's the STORE'S money, also known as your dog's d*ck."

"I get it, that was very disgusting, thanks. So let's not touch that then."

"My thoughts exactly, my love. Let's not."
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