OG ST birdmad (circa 1985) all i wanted was a pepsi

just one pepsi...
hsg ...problems never solved just rearranged...

how will i laugh tomorrow when i can't even smile today?
stephshine suicidal actions are another story. 070218
misstree This ain't my imagination
Lost all thoughts and concentration
Time goes on day after day
But still If feel the same fuckin' way!
Feel like shit, deja vu!

the first decent metal album i ever owned. (skid_row doesn't count, by any stretch of "decent".)
grendel (nightmare!) birdmad (nightmare!) satan could it be from messages,
on my tv
which i'm getting

(nightmare, nightmare nightmare!)
caresscoffee eventually your suicidal tendencies become you and it all seems to become a great big blur of depression and loneliness and you just find yourself cutting until the cuts are overlapping one another because you ran out of space to put new ones.. old scars being covered up by new cuts 070222
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