splinken how odd.

somewhat tiring, but i don't really mind it. it makes me feel like a pair of high heels, or a shot of bourbon. something that topples constantly but was made to topple. made in italy or tokyo.

okay, don't stop, even though i pretend that i want you to.
Fire&Roses "Love is like a cupcake, the cake itself is us, the icing is when I'm holding you tight, and the sprinkles are kisses. See, you could have a cupcake all by itself, but the iceing is almost a must. And the sprinkles? Well they are optional, but who doesn't like sprinkles? I think most people are running around with a handful of sprinkles and forgetting the cake. Sure the sprinkles are nice at first, but think how much nicer they are on top of a cupcake."
-Chris Lough
scorpion heart dont sprinkle when u twinkle, men 031116
randomly recent love is a cupcake. reminds me of 'i give you an onion'

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