emcee *turns on the mike* 051023
unreal Now that I've got your attention, I'll start by stating that my_opinions_are_better than they were ten_years_ago. Gosh, was I a lame_brain ten_years_ago. And, that's not an opinion, trust_me!

I'm here_today to speak about mediocrity. It's_a_trap! Don't_fall_for_it!

Whenever someone praises you, yet your actions were only_mediocre, cover_your_ears and sing "La la la la la" until s/he leaves you_alone.

Undeserved_praise can easily thwart any plan_for_greatness. Too_many times I've witnessed people settle for those ill_placed_compliments and then stop their efforts altogether; efforts that would eventually lead_them_to_heights never_before_seen.

Ten_years_ago, I was one_of_them.

Here. You can have the mike back now.
Praxis *picks up mic*

It's only a matte of time before someone else gets a hold of what you keep closest to your mind, and has their way with your head. It's new technology, and it's coming at you fast.

*gives away mic*
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