amy dammit! where'd he go? 000418
never be his he was taken away because CTW didn't think it healthy for children to believe in imaginary creatures.

Like a 7' tall bird and two men who live together (but aren't gay) are believable.
elisa i believe in fairies...
and the moon is made of cheese
Abraham Lincoln Snuffleupacus was the most heavily drugged character on that whole pyschodelic show. I cant believe I along with other little ones didnt realize it then but i do now. 010801
Cyril Oh, bird. 030106
florescent light you sleep with a snuffleupacus

please, please, tell me why, for one minute, you would think I would want a damn snuffleupacus kissing my nose?

and not once
not twice
but over and over
and over
all night

I threw it on the floor
but then felt guilty
so I picked him back up

when you gave him his own pillow
I knew this was going to be a problem
what's it to you?
who go