grendel nerves attenuated

i am the desert

every breeze that rattles the brittlebush and tumbleweeds is a not-so-secret prayer_for_rain
jezabel nerves tremble, whisper,
logic stumbling at the
murmur constantly purring
soft seductions in,
turning its cause until
it is lost once more
in sensation's sleep.
. 030824
misstrees obscure trivia hour biscuit.
10 points for drawing a line from eh? to be.
mon chained to what i cannot own i am bound by my every action unworthy of attention
so thirsty for what i've never known
scorpion heart he runs his hands down my back, following the curve down to the bottom, brings his hands to my hips, and then delicately, tantalizingly, circles his finger around my bellybutton, then up to my lips. my whole body shivers at the pure delight of his touch- trembles as if a breeze had flown through, goosebumps on my skin, hair raised.
he pulls me close and i breath in his scent of soap. i would love to be here in his arms forever, a slave to sensation.
what's it to you?
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