starjewel Ode To The Aglet
(The end of shoelaces)

Shamed forgotten fasteners.
Begotten from the past, now adheres
The end of shoelaces.
But the lineage traces
back so far...
To the time of Shakespeare himself.
When aglets were held in esteem on a shelf.
On the end of lavish ribbons.
To tie the end of clothes given
Only to nobles...
On the end of shoelaces they lie on the ground
On silk they were once found!
They've sunk so low
No one would know
In the days of old
They were fashioned in silver and gold
Once leading satin,
The name comes from the Latin
Acus meaning needle.
Now they are feeble
Plastic on the end of a string
It's a very sad thing
Their fate such a travesty
Fallen from majesty
Are these shamed forgotten fasteners
Begotten from the past, now adheres
The end of shoe laces.

*Once aglets adorned the winner.
Now they help secure the laces, of someone who owes me dinner.
SwedishChef Not gonna lie, I'm impressed you actually did it lol, so what do you want for dinner? :) 081203
starjewel not sure.. I'll have to think about it. When will you be back in town? 081203
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