unhinged take your seat
inhabit your body

free the light of your inherent goodness
from the clouds of your judgemental ego
unhinged add back to the routine 110304
h|s|g yog? 110309
unhinged today

i took my seat
and eventually

i wept
unhinged trust in yourself

sit in the stillness
today you have something to smile about
revel in that
Doar trust..

those are good words UH.

god words.

unhinged the buddha and chogyam trungpa rinpoche taught me those words 130102
unhinged it doesnt take much to make me cry these days

calm abiding my ass
silentbob How do you share your life with somebody? 140116
unhinged i show them my poetry
i make them copies of my recorded blues songs
i play my violin for them
i write them notes about how i feel
i share a bed with them
i text them when the urge arises
i include them in my tonglen and metta practices
unhinged (might not be as important as previously stressed but it definitely wouldn't hurt) 160906
what's it to you?
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