. . 040226
white_wave who is she? i will reveal her soon 040226
whitewavelacking blatherspellcheck how horrible that i should have said:

who was she?
sab i claim her
as one of my own.

right up there with sabbitha

serves her right
for marking herself
as mine in the first place.
white_wave sabryna's cries for help went unheard. why should someone so young have to die? why was living so difficult? and i never got to tell her that i cared. the last words she spoke to me were of anger. she lacked true sanity so her words were not all truth. she spoke babytalk and cat language. cute as it was, her brain was dying. when i see those kittens, i know that she is in heaven surrounded by them. sabryna you must be with me now as you are always. give the kitten a kiss for me... 040226
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