the swinger of birches when jack goes to church, it seems like i see him wearing the same blue shirt everytime, its just he accents it with a different tie or pants. i used to think jack was quiet and would be someone that was hard to get to know, but my opinion of him has changed. i like seeing jack in his blue shirt because it reminds of a good boy who has a favorite and isn't afraid of how many times he has worn it or how many wholes it may have in it, the color is a soft blue and he likes that color becuase it reminds him of the sky or hibiscus flowers. that is why he wears it all the time. it gives him a good thought and makes his latin skin look bronze. jack and i played soccer with a pair of glasses we found in the parking lot at the place with go carts and pool tables. later we ate at ihop with everyone and made jokes. he kept laughing at the faces i was making as i ate the mexican candy that sara's friend gave me. it had a chili coating. i hated it. when jack laughs i can't stop laughing because i know that i must look stupid and so i laugh even harder at the thought of what i look like. plus jack reminds me of jeremy and jordan healy. and when i think of them i think of naughty pranks with stink bombs or fake cigarettes. i think of being young and immature, and that really keeps me alive. 030323
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