typhoid the rocket state glitters forever
up, down, left, right, forwards, backwards, ahead, behind.. forever.
a crinkle. another. pieces fall. hit the floor. shatter. more fall. a rain of glass descends into the streets..
the end of time.
phil small thick paper tube powder

(high pitched) woooooooooo. Bauf! Biff.
Fowoogushwoossshh. Booph. Chstchstchst.
notme rock it 031225
whitechocolatewalrus snot rocket. 031225
cupcake my best friend just taught me how to blow snot rockets last week. i guess there are some things that boys learn growing up that they dont bother teaching girls cuz its unladylike but this is such a suefull skill! especially when im walking hom and i need to blow my nose but i don't have anything with me, i think to myself thanks to my friend and i just hope i don't get any one me! 031226
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