no reason it's happening, i think. again. and i am always aware that there will always be this back-and-forthness, but i haven't yet learned how to stop it.

i'm too old.
i'm too old for this.
i can't even fit in my shoes.

the worst part about it is that there are no words that have enough motivation behind them to be spilled.
no reason lately i feel like the invisible/uncool kid in high school. i keep finding out about birthday parties i'm not invited to, held by people i'd thought would invite me. 130530
no reason at least when people don't invite me to their weddings, i don't have to buy presents. 130530
dafremen Blessing in disguise. Always better to find out sooner, rather than later, who your real friends are. 130530
Phil Things are pretty green on this side of the fence. Guess I've gotten used to it. 130530
Raina back to my "lower" ways

trying to fight

looking for the breadcrumbs I left
Raina still fighting.
pushing against the tide
what's it to you?
who go