typhoid its like space of my mind has gome through some sort of change of basis, like a vector space. yes, this is a more accurate respresentation. i can become back down , i just did, i feel a presences, a woman, above dancing above me. hm... black as night. nmaleen? a a spirit.? what were these... i dont remember... warm touch... soft slowing down now in frfrenzy. havet opened my yes yet. 000417
Shugarhi I reflect daily on our old love. I see it swaying before my eyes and heart and I want to eat it... 010517
paranoid martyr radiohead + downwood once implied (syn11.html):

"a hall of mirrors
see reflections amillion times projections
none of them are right
shattered splintered mirrors reflecting nothing right."
Zeke repel light cast away color not absorbed energy photons vibrate new frequency waveform heisenberg was right about observation 031117
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