Jenna http://www.arches.uga.edu/~jennat/journal/10.html 011119
yummyC random observations made by me.
-my bra is kinda itchy.
-my crush looks kinda like a cute hairless jesus.
-my bird needs fresh food.
-ariel isn't crying...
-my hand has a heart drawn on it in pink marker.
-im not hungry but i want food. weird.
-i need to sneeze.


-aaron isnt home.
monadh things are not as they appear

they are exactly as they seem

one infinite_moment in time
was all
epitome of incomprehensibility Violets are NOT blue. They are PURPLE. A gross falsification of evidence, or else whoever first wrote this was colourblind. 060217
neesh i had blue african violets (i didn't write the observation, but mentally nodded at it when i first read it) 060217
hiperkarma - i just ate an almond snickers.
- this jacket is itchy
*SuPeR^ChIcK* after leaving church we all just turn right back into our natural selves again. 060218
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