Death of a Rose\ the kill, teleport the thought of the snap of bones,
wash the bleach clean, ready it for reuse,

Here take my mind,
take it to your places,
talk of your fears and wants,
your past lives,
stoke it with the heat of your gaze,
inspire and inflate it.

feed it, pet it, stroke it.

display it to others,
the peverseness of knowing you have it and i don't.

throw it to the ground and stomp the ever lovin hell outta it.
whitechocolatewalrus and i think i hate you
slither under my stone wall
massive structure
play your silly games
make me laugh
fill the air
scent the trees
freshen the grass
you're in my mind in my soul
i didn't invite you
i didn't want you
you dare to leave
one breath and your blown into the night
dark and still
nowhere to see
why did you come?
heart shrivels
brain crumpels
i've lost control
i don't feel anything
but i can still smell the past
and i think i hate you.
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Psst... psst... foresee 061207
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