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... Bob Woodward’s book portrays Secretary of State Colin Powell as out of the loop and uncommitted to the administration strategy for Iraq. Powell denied that portrayal.

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When you tell the Secretary of State whose been resisting and laying out the consequences and the problems of war that its time to put your war uniform on, there’s no ambiguity about that,”


We all talked with Woodward. It was part of our instructions from the White House.”
... PLAN OF ATTACK : The Special Relationship

Blair Steady in Support

'I'm There to the Very End,' Prime Minister Told Bush

By Bob Woodward
Washington Post Staff Writer
Wednesday, April 21, 2004; Page A01
iJun102004 Bob Woodward Criticizes Iraq Reporting

Wed Jun 9,11:24 PM ET !

NEW YORK - The news media should have been more skeptical of President Bush's "zeal" to go to war with Iraq and the possibly "skimpy" prewar intelligence Bush used to justify the invasion, journalist Bob Woodward said Wednesday.

"Bush believed it was his duty to overthrow former Iraqi President Saddam Hussein"

"the White House spied on former U.N. chief weapons inspector Hans Blix, who has said that the justifications for the Iraq war were unfounded."
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