me? talk to the bomb, doolittle... teach it 'phenomenology'.

how do you know you exist?

yes, but how do you really know i exist?
amy ...

i hope you do.

you told me so. i told me so. words told me so.

something about socks.

i don't know if it really makes a be exploding bombs like this.
mikey i write i express myself therefor i exist. what is "exist" anyway? seems an illogical concept to even talk about. whether you exist or not is irrelevant to each of us because to me i exist nothing else matters. but to say i exist or you exist is sorta like saying i breathe. seems illogical. like the old saying if a tree falls and nobody is around did it make a noise? how ignorant this saying truly is. sound is a physical vibration..not some strange phenomenon (sp?) 4am my mind is a blur spelling of some words might be leaving me behind. 010306
paste! i have no connections to your feet. you will die after a pile of cranberries holds their town meeting in the girls locker room. a black belt octopus broke all of its tentacles after slipping on a 7 pound bag of ice that was ripped in half. it fell formless and lifeless like this here sugarlips. 020803
oldephebe phenomenological abacus of apprehension.
what's it to you?
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