grendel owned one pair when i was in seventh grade, when they were in the last days of their popularity.

and i must have been the only kid in my neighborhood who never felt the urge to learn how to breakdance.
Rhin I had forgotten about those parachute pants! What about those adolescents who walked around, mimicking Michael Jackson in Thriller? Those hideous red and black jackets - the ones with the zippers all over them. 001127
Barrett See Bobby, I told you Grendel would know.

I used to Breakdance to "Egyptian Lover" wearing my parachute_pants and my plastic Puma's.

"Yo, quit bite'n my moves!"
god rabbit twisted his neck around at a severe angle to make sure his auxillary parachute pants were deploying properly.
as they billowed with the racing wind, rabbit put his paws to his pockets so as not to loose his loose change. he really wanted to get a coke when he came back down to earth.
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